General TrainingSpace questions

Who is TrainingSpace for?

TrainingSpace is designed as a resource for OTDA, OCFS, NYC HRA employees, local district staff and some voluntary agencies. Some TrainingSpace courses are designed for OTDA employees only, but most are available to all audiences.  Some courses will only be available to NYC HRA or voluntary agency staff due to location specific content. Please check with your local SDC or Training Coordinator if you have questions about whether courses or other materials are appropriate for you.

How do I take a course offered through TrainingSpace?

Registration works differently for different courses. In the Catalog, the Registration section of the sidebar will inform you what kind of registration is required for that course:

  • Registration for some courses is handled through the HSLC system. Contact your SDC or Training Coordinator to find out if you're eligible for such courses, and to register.
  • Other courses offer open registration. To register for these courses, click the “Add to My Trainings” button on the course's Catalog page.

Once registered, the course will be listed on your My Trainings page.

How many courses can I take?

Your SDC or Training Coordinator is your best advisor on which courses are appropriate for you and how many you should take.

How long do I have to complete a course?

Once you are registered, you have until the calendar year ends to complete a TrainingSpace course. However, you will master the training material better if you work through the course in a timely manner.

Does TrainingSpace work with HSLC? ID

TrainingSpace is integrated with the HSLC system. Your SDC or state Training Coordinator must nominate you to access TrainingSpace courses, just as they would for classroom training. When you finish a course, information about your attendance and completion of courses will automatically be entered in HSLC, so your SDC or Training Coordinator will have a record of your work.

TS Pass

HSLC integration does not apply to learners using a TS Pass.

Can I access TrainingSpace from home?

You should discuss the appropriate time and place to use TrainingSpace with your SDC or Training Coordinator.

How do I leave a course and return to TrainingSpace?

To leave a course, click on the TrainingSpace link that displays at the top of the page and you will return to the TrainingSpace home page.

How do I exit My TrainingSpace?

To exit TrainingSpace, click on the Log Out link.

Last updated on June 14, 2016