Guide to accessing TrainingSpace

Learners with an ID

Log In Form with ID selected Before you can access a TrainingSpace training:

  1. You need to have an ID account.
  2. Your ID User ID must be entered in the User ID field in your HSLC Personnel Maintenance profile.
  3. You must be registered for the course through HSLC. Contact your SDC to get registered.

NOTE: In this document, SDC refers to your Staff Development Coordinator, Training Coordinator, supervisor or Delegated Administrator, or anyone who may have administrative rights for HSLC. IT Administrator may refer to your Information Technology staff, LAN Administrator or computer/network help desk staff.

1. Confirm or get an ID Account

An ID account is separate from an HSEN (CONNECTIONS) account and is used to grant staff secure access to legacy systems such as WMS, CCRS, and Centraport, as well as TrainingSpace. Many CONNECTIONS users in local districts are granted an ID user account to enable them to access WMS and/or CCRS. Staff in voluntary agencies who need to access CCRS also would already have an ID account.

Before attempting to access TrainingSpace for the first time, you should check with your agency’s IT administrator to determine if you have an ID account. If you have an account, your username will typically be the same as your current HSEN username, although the passwords may differ.

Remember, your HSEN and ID accounts are two separate accounts, even if the usernames are the same!

If you have an ID account

If you are unable to log in to TrainingSpace, but you believe that you have an ID, it is possible that your password is no longer current or that you may have entered your password incorrectly. You will need to reset your password. Learn how to reset your ID account password.

If you do not have an ID account

Contact your SDC or IT Administrator to confirm that you don’t already have an ID account. Your SDC or IT Administrator can help you get an ID account as needed.

2. Enter your User ID into HSLC

TrainingSpace uses the User ID field from your HSLC Personnel profile to connect your login with the TrainingSpace trainings for which you are registered.

Your SDC or IT Administrator should have access to HSLC to enter your User ID in the proper field. You can also contact HSLC Support for further information.

3. Register for a training through HSLC

You can be registered for a training in a number of ways.

  • You can find a training of interest by browsing the TrainingSpace catalog. Ask your SDC to register you for trainings.
  • Your SDC may register you for trainings based on your job.

If your e-mail address is entered correctly in the HSLC Personnel section, you will receive an e-mail confirmation for the training.

Trainings that begin with a "TS:" are TrainingSpace courses.

Learners with a TS Pass

To access your TS Pass account:

Log in Form with TS Pass selected

If you have a TS Pass:

  1. Go to TrainingSpace.
  2. Select the TS Pass button.
  3. Enter your Email and Password.
  4. Select "Log in."

If you forgot your password, continue to I can't log in to TrainingSpace.

Registration form

If you do not have a TS Pass:

  1. Starting at the main log in screen, select "Get your TS Pass."
  2. Fill out account and user information. 
  3. Your email address is used as username - it must be an email address from an approved agency.
  4. Your password must be entered twice for verification.
  5. Fill in your name and phone number.
  6. Select your unit from the dropdown.
  7. Scroll to select your work location, if you are asked for one.
  8. Click the Register button to create your account.

If any errors occur during registration, a message will be displayed explaining how to remedy it.


Last updated on January 10, 2019